Besart Kadia

Besart Kadia

Deputy Minister at Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania
Country: Albania

Besart Kadia has finished his A-Level studies in Radley College (2002-2004) (UK) and then pursued
his studies in in University of Bristol (2004-2007), (UK) in Economics and Politics (Bachelor) and
Economics and Finance (MSc) University of Bristol (2008-2009). He has worked as a lecturer at the
European University of Tirana since 2009 part of brain Gain Programme in Albania and finished his PhD
studies in Institutional Transformation in Eastern Europe at the European University of Tirana (2014-
2017). During 2009-2013 he was national coordinator for Regional Research Promotion Programme run
by University of Fribourg, Switzerland and mandated by Swiss Development Cooperation dedicated to
promoting young researchers in social sciences in Albania. In 2011 he worked as a Trainer in Financial
Mathematics for Procredit Bank and has experience as an auditor for Ernst and Young Assurance and
Advisory Business Services (2007-2008). During 2013-2017 he was Executive Director of Foundation for
Economic Freedom engaged in research and promotion of libertarian ideas in Albania through
publishing of books, organizing conferences and trainings where he became part of Atlas Network in
Washington DC and was awarded the Smith Fellowship in 2016. He also served as national coordinator
for Austrian Economic Centre during 2005-2020 for the Free Market Road Show initiative.

He has worked for different projects in Albania on issues such as: Annual Competitiveness Report run by
USAID/ Albanian Center for International Trade; The future of Public Service Broadcasting in Western
Balkans The prospect and development of public service media: The case of ALBANIA run by SCOPES
programme, Swiss National Science Foundation/ Analytica Center; Local4Green/ Analysis of Applying Tax
relief or exemptions on fees and taxes for municipalities that incorporate or use energy from renewable
sources by European Regional Development Fund; Study on Functional Areas in Albania Research and
data analyses for functional areas of LGUs in the Durres District by Decentralization and local
development programme, Researching the benefits and costs of the EU integration process for Albania
by Open Society Foundation for Albania. He is also author of several academic journals and author of the
Political Thriller “Loja e Vjeter”.

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