Ieva Valeškaitė

Ieva Valeškaitė

Vice Minister Minister of Economy and Innovation
Country: Lithuania

Ieva Valeškaitė is the Vice – Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania. Previously, Ieva has served in Ministry as an adviser to the Minister. Since joining the position of Vice – Minister, I. Valeškaitė has been in charge of better regulation and business supervision, of the business tax environment. As well, after joining the team, the Vice – Minister has established an economic analysis unit in the Ministry.

The Vice – Minister has 10 years of work experience in the fields of economic policy analysis, business regulation and taxation, and has implemented tax projects in the Lithuanian and foreign non-governmental sector. I. Valeškaitė, 34, worked for five years at the Lithuanian Free Market Institute as a senior policy expert, curating projects related to improving the business environment, increasing the quality of legislation and the transparency of the tax system, and simplifying tax administration. From 2012 to 2015, she worked in the Foreign and European Union Affairs Division of the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Ieva Valeškaitė has completed two bachelor’s studies – international economics and political science, as well as master’s studies in applied macroeconomics at Vilnius University. I. Valeškaitė speaks English and Russian.

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