Siniša Topalović

Siniša Topalović

Global Head of Tourism Advisory Horwath HTL
Country: Albania

Mr. Topalović is Global Head of Tourism Advisory at Horwath HTL and a Partner at Horwath HTL Croatia. Siniša joined Horwath HTL in 2010 and since has risen to a position of partner of Croatia office and Global Head of Tourism Advisory within Horwath HTL International. Siniša specializes in strategic advisory, both for private and public sector clients. He is particularly focused on tourism development planning, master planning, tourism legislation, product development, national tourism management and marketing systems as well as digital transformation of tourism sector.

Furthermore, Siniša has strong experience in definition of destination strategic development potential, built through a number of development strategies delivered for emerging and already established tourism destinations. During his carrier, Siniša has been engaged in leading international consultancy project teams and delivering bespoke tourism advisory on a highest level of complexity on global level.

He has been invited as keynote speaker and panellists in various international tourism and hospitality conferences and forums around the world. He holds a Master’s degree from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business and he is currently completing his PhD in the field of Tourism.


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Day 3 - April 5, 2023