Panel 6: Cultural & Active Tourism

Rezarta Bare
Rezarta Bare
Moderator - Tourism Advisor at GIZ Albania

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Parallel Session


Exploring the value of cross-border adventure travel products in Albania and neighboring countries.

  • Routes provide storytelling tourism mechanisms that showcase nature, culture, and sustainable initiatives. They also connect the region as one. 
  • How do these types of adventure & cultural products help promote the entire region?
  • How do they present the region in a positive light?
  • How do they help raise the quality of regional tourism while also helping all the partnering countries individually?
Herda Duro
Herida Duro
Director of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, AL
Sonja Kurz
Sonja Kurz
Country Director at GIZ, AL
Jana Apih
Jasminka Varnalieva
Chief of Party at USAID Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth (EDGE)
Jana Apih
Jana Apih
Director at Institute factory of Sustainable Tourism, SI
Jana Apih
Nevila Popa
Senior Expert at Sustainable Tourism Development, AL
Jana Apih
Elion Çikopano
Entrepreneur at Rock Tirana Climbing Gym, AL
Jana Apih
Bledar Jubani
Tour Guide and Manager at Kol Gjoni Guesthouse

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